In collaboration with chosen security specialists we offer a range of services as summarised below:


This bespoke TSCM service tackles the threat of ‘bugging’ from both a poacher’s and a gamekeeper’s perspective.  Electronic sweeps covering audio, video, telecoms and AC mains are backed up by very detailed physical searches using tamper-evident seals.  Penetration testing can also be undertaken.


In-depth security surveys covering all aspects of physical security tailored to the user’s ‘pattern of life’.  Systems covered include CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Access Control.


Our forensic investigation services are different.  We specialise in the more challenging and difficult technical areas of computer forensics and digital evidence.  Many years experience working with Commercial organisations, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies throughout the world, on often difficult and complex cases, have gained us a reputation of being able to provide the evidential information that has eluded our competitors.  Our skills and experience are in providing the often esoteric areas of computing where the knowledge required is regularly not available.  We have vast experience in operating systems and applications and take great pride in our knowledge and experience of the following:

  • Unix and derivatives
  • Credit Card and Bank Fraud
  • Encryption
  • Gathering and Analysing Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Computer Exploitation
  • WIFI attack tool – ‘The Hornet’