PIRana is a ‘total body’ layered suit made from highly specialised materials providing unrivalled IR signature reduction.  It has been designed as a superior alternative to the traditional cloaking thermal blanket and even after extended use, heat ‘bleed’ is negligible.


With the correct training, PIRana gives users the freedom to operate in PIR alarmed environments without triggering an alarm.

PIRana comprises:

  1. Triple layer ultra-lightweight over the head smock with hood and attached gloves.
  2. Triple layer trousers with braces and attached foot coverings.
  3. Lightweight full-face visor providing 220° field of vision.

  PIRana offers many advantages over competing systems:

  • The lightweight nature of the suit gives the user complete flexibility to move easily in a prone or vertical orientation.
  • The materials used are highly tear resistant and can be washed when required.
  • With suitable lighting the user can see obstacles and plan routes without fear of detection.
  • For prolonged use, particularly in high temperature environments, PIRana can be worn with a Cool Vest.
  • The wearer can safely transverse or remain in alarmed areas to accomplish ‘on target’ tasks without the need to defeat individual PIR units.