PIR Laser Disruptors are used to nullify exterior PIR lamps from a safe distance.

There are two models:

• Red Dot Laser Disruptor (Redruptor)
The Redruptor uses visible red laser light. It has 3 adjustable laser pods for adjusting the laser spots for optimum coverage of the target PIR.

• Invisible Laser Disruptor (Invisruptor)
The Invisruptor uses invisible laser light. It also has 3 adjustable laser pods for adjusting the laser positions for optimum coverage of the target. In addition, it has 1 red dot laser that assists with sighting and aiming and can be turned on/off as required. The Invisruptor requires the operator to have night vision goggles or an IR sensitive camera for adjustment and target confirmation.

Key Features:

• Both units are powered by two CR123 3V batteries accessible from the back cover.

• They have a standard ¼” camera thread mount point for fitting onto standard ‘camera-type’ mount accessories.

• Each unit is fitted with a pan and tilt table for fine adjustments. This also has the ¼” camera thread mount point for fitting on to ‘camera-type’ mount accessories. There are indicators to show the table is in ‘mid’ position prior to use to give maximum movement on the target.


Laser unit: 70mm Ø x 80mm (L)
With pan & tilt: 100mm Ø (total diameter)

Weight: 60g (including pan & tilt table)


072-00-001 Invisruptor PT Laser disruptor (invisible) with Pan & Tilt table

072-00-002 Redruptor PT Visible red dot laser disruptor with Pan & Tilt table

072-00-003 Pan & Tilt Table only

072-00-004 Invisruptor Laser disruptor (invisible)

072-00-005 Redruptor Laser disruptor (Red dot )

BIP1841 Black Tripod

When folded this tripod is just 30cm in length, but extends to a useful 64cm. It can be used as a table top model or from ground level. It has 3 section legs with quick locks and centre bracing for maximum stability, 3 way pan head with quick release platform and a lockable sliding column for precise adjustment. Weight: 790g.

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